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The perfect fit insurance solutions

For a business that manufactures alarms or provides installation services for them, finding the right carrier and insurance policy can be an area of concern. Whether you have recently started your security services business or have been using a general carrier policy over recent years, it is time for  you  to review your insurance purchasing strategy and moved to a broker that can find you policies and coverage that fully mitigate your unique occupational risks.

You need a specialty insurance broker who can offer you a range of specialty insurance programs. The alarm security sector delivers safety and security to business and families. Every day you and your teams are working to make people and property safe. You are the true protectors.

And yet, where do you go to get protection? How do you protect your business against risk?

The obvious answer to the question is insurance. You go and get insurance coverage from a carrier and try to get the best deal possible.

However, like any other major manufacturing or services sector, the alarm business has numerous risks that are unique to the field and seldom encountered in other occupations. Thus, none of these risks are covered under a standard general liability insurance policy that businesses in most other sectors hasten to get, so they can sign contracts with confidence, access lease, and grow.


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Care About Insurance To Meet Your Necessities?


Insurance is an important element of any sound financial plan. Different kinds of insurances protect you and your loved ones in numerous ways.

The insurance decisions you make should be based on your family, your age and your economic situation. There are many forms of insurances and unfortunately, there is no one-size fits all policy. Thus, insurance must be directly associated to your needs as well as requirements.

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Retirement Plan

  • Covered by the plan
  • Submits a claim to the insurer
  • The insured receives a contract
  • The conditions and circumstances

Initiating A Business

  • Covered by the Insurance policy
  • Submits a claim to the insurer
  • The insured receives a contract
  • The conditions and circumstances

Making a Claim

  • Covered by the insurance policy
  • Submits a claim to the insurer
  • The insured receives a contract


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For over 30 years, we mastered the provision of insurances to alarm companies. The staff refrains from selling general insurance for we are fully aware that this is not just about insurance itself but also salient areas e.g. bidding, pricing as well other relevant features of the alarm industry and for which general brokers or carriers lack knowledge because of the massive insurance transactions to several industries.

“We are brokers” since we perform our jobs taking into utmost consideration the best interest of our clients in the alarm industry.

Programs sell their programs and so with carriers selling their companies. Even brokers in particular are bound for exclusive contracts to carrier or program of which we are not.

That’s mainly because we protect our clients from deceitful and cunning schemes of the insurance industry the like of:

  • Blocking insurance markets so that others can’t fairly claim the best coverage for the client
  • Time –pressured renewals which will lead the clients to humungous increases
  • Brokers who will be persuading clients to switch insurances with the late realization that it isn’t true.

We become your insurance department and we are more than willing to extend the necessary assistance or whatever possible pieces of advice we can give to resolve limited claims, exposures and risks concerns. Undoubtedly, you can rely to us as far as excellent quotes, certificates, renewals and advice are deemed concerned.

With these, the company has emerged due to the exceptional performance of the key members of the team.

Need of Insurance That Can Be of Great Help?

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At Alarm Insurances, we are thoroughly aware of these traps and help our clients avoid them completely.

How? Because we are…


That’s correct. We do not work for the insurance industry. We work for you – for alarm contractors.

While we have decades of experience creating tailored insurance policies for our clients, we are not associated with any specific insurance carrier. This means our interests are not associated with the sales of insurance products any or all carriers.


We are simply free of any commitment to any insurance carrier. In fact, our interests are tied to the prosperity of the alarm services sector. We grow only when our clients in the sector get optimized insurance coverage and grow by mitigating risks.


We understand not just the mechanics of insurance policies but also areas that are important to alarm companies’ success and growth, such as bidding, pricing, and many other important facets.

When you work with us, you get more than a team that gets you specialty insurance coverage. You get a specialized insurance partner that advises you on reducing claims, limiting exposure, and mitigating risks effectively.




tailored insurance

We help companies working in the alarm and security industry find best suited insurance coverage specifically designed for their field. In particular, our clients include burglary and fire alarms installation contractors offering services to various commercial sectors.

We provide them:

             Industry expertise with 30 years of field experience

             Brokerage services in locating the best carrier and policy

             A variety of specialty insurance programs designed for alarm contractors

             Managed insurance services, advising on limiting claims, exposure and risks


The insurance services industry is notorious for its subtle traps that are designed to ensure policy buyers do not get the best end of the deal. These tricks and traps include:

             Blocking insurance markets so that other brokers cannot fairly or legitimately get the best quote or coverage for the client

             Last minute renewals where brokers wait to the last minute, making the client vulnerable to substantial increases or limited choices