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For over 30 years, we mastered the provision of insurances to alarm companies. The staff refrains from selling general insurance for we are fully aware that this is not just about insurance itself but also salient areas e.g. bidding, pricing as well other relevant features of the alarm industry and for which general brokers or carriers lack knowledge because of the massive insurance transactions to several industries.

“We are brokers” since we perform our jobs taking into utmost consideration the best interest of our clients in the alarm industry.

Programs sell their programs and so with carriers selling their companies. Even brokers in particular are bound for exclusive contracts to carrier or program of which we are not.

That’s mainly because we protect our clients from deceitful and cunning schemes of the insurance industry the like of:

  • Blocking insurance markets so that others can’t fairly claim the best coverage for the client
  • Time –pressured renewals which will lead the clients to humungous increases
  • Brokers who will be persuading clients to switch insurances with the late realization that it isn’t true.

We become your insurance department and we are more than willing to extend the necessary assistance or whatever possible pieces of advice we can give to resolve limited claims, exposures and risks concerns. Undoubtedly, you can rely to us as far as excellent quotes, certificates, renewals and advice are deemed concerned.

With these, the company has emerged due to the exceptional performance of the key members of the team.

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