We have been providing insurances to alarm companies for 30 years. 

We understand not only the insurance but also some relevant aspects to alarm companies like bidding, giving of rates and other important features of the alarm industry.

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Alarm & Safety

It gives you lesser chance of robbery and that your insurance company will have to shell out thousands to cover your losses .Reduced risks for your provider means a reduced premium for you.

Professional Liability

More commonly known as errors and omissions is a special type of coverage that protects your company against claims that a professional service you provided caused your clients to suffer financial harm due to the mistakes on your part or because you failed to perform some services.

Property Coverage

Financial compensations for a loss or damage to property

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

A coverage that helps protects businesses and employees from the resulting financial losses when a worker is injured or contracts an illness on the job. It helps cover the cost of the injured employee’s lost wages and medical expenses