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For a business that manufactures alarms or provides installation services for them, finding the right carrier and insurance policy can be an area of concern. Whether you have recently started your security services business or have been using a general carrier policy over recent years, it is time for  you  to review your insurance purchasing

  Insurance is an important element of any sound financial plan. Different kinds of insurances protect you and your loved ones in numerous ways. The insurance decisions you make should be based on your family, your age and your economic situation. There are many forms of insurances and unfortunately, there is no one-size fits all

For over 30 years, we mastered the provision of insurances to alarm companies. The staff refrains from selling general insurance for we are fully aware that this is not just about insurance itself but also salient areas e.g. bidding, pricing as well other relevant features of the alarm industry and for which general brokers or

At Alarm Insurances, we are thoroughly aware of these traps and help our clients avoid them completely. How? Because we are… NOT PART OF THE SYSTEM That’s correct. We do not work for the insurance industry. We work for you – for alarm contractors. While we have decades of experience creating tailored insurance policies for

We help companies working in the alarm and security industry find best suited insurance coverage specifically designed for their field. In particular, our clients include burglary and fire alarms installation contractors offering services to various commercial sectors. We provide them:              Industry expertise with 30 years of field experience              Brokerage services in locating the